Brain Surgery: What to Expect

Erika Stevens

Preparing For Spine Surgery: What To Expect

Spinal surgery can be a daunting prospect. But with some knowledge and preparation, you can enter into the surgery feeling informed, confident and well-prepared. This blog post walks you through what spine surgery is, how you can prepare for it and how best to recover from it. What is Spine Surgery? Spinal surgery is an operation that aims to restore function in the s

A Guide On The Work Of Neurosurgeons

If you happen to suffer from a brain, spinal or nervous system disorder, your GP could ask you to visit a neurosurgeon. The truth is that most people do not understand the work of neurosurgeons. Below is an article detailing the work of these professionals and what you should expect when you visit them.  What Do Neurosurgeons Do?  Neurosurgeons are doctors s

4 Reasons to Consult a Neurologist Before Undergoing Spine Surgery

Back pain that won't relent is one of the common types of chronic pain globally. People living with severe back pain might think of undergoing spine surgery. Surgery is crucial because it helps stabilise the spine, realign crooked backbones, or ease pressure on nerves. Before surgery, however, here are four reasons why you should consult a neurologist when experiencin

What to Expect Immediately Following Trans-Sphenoidal Surgery—Surgery to Remove a Pituitary Tumour

Most operations to remove pituitary gland tumours are performed via the nasal cavity. This kind of surgery is called trans-sphenoidal surgery. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to operate with the use of endoscopes so that pituitary tumour removal is far less invasive and should not result in a noticeable scar. Although uncommon, there are still case