Brain Surgery: What to Expect

A Guide On The Work Of Neurosurgeons

If you happen to suffer from a brain, spinal or nervous system disorder, your GP could ask you to visit a neurosurgeon. The truth is that most people do not understand the work of neurosurgeons. Below is an article detailing the work of these professionals and what you should expect when you visit them. 

What Do Neurosurgeons Do? 

Neurosurgeons are doctors specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and management of illnesses that affect the nervous system, brain or spinal cord. As they are surgeons, they will strictly use surgical methods to manage your condition. Some conditions that may require the intervention of a neurosurgeon include a brain tumour, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, peripheral nerve injuries, neurovascular disorders and traumatic injuries.   

How Do Neurosurgeons Differ From Neurologists? 

The primary difference between neurosurgeons and neurologists is that the latter does not perform surgeries. Neurologists use diagnosis techniques to detect conditions affecting your nerves, brain, or spinal cord. Other than drugs, the professional could also recommend techniques such as passive stretching, joint compression and positioning to promote healing.  

How Can You Find A Suitable Neurosurgeon? 

Your doctor should be in a position to suggest a suitable neurosurgeon. However, if this is not the case, below are some tips to help you find a neurosurgeon:

What Should You Expect When You Visit The Neurosurgeon? 

Once you visit the neurosurgeon, their immediate task will be to diagnose your condition. Typically, they will need a background of the disease, the medication you have been taking, and your doctor's notes. After this, they may need to conduct a variety of tests to establish the presence and extent of the disease. The surgeon could send you to a neurologist for non-surgical treatment if they believe the condition can be treated without surgery. However, if you need surgery, the professional will inform you of the procedure and prepare you for the surgery.